Seatram full service

In the highly competitive industry of freight forwarding, a complete range of combined transport facilities is a must, in order to guarantee a top level of service to every customer.

Warehousing and container depot facilities, are strategically located 5 km from the ancient port of Genoa and 10 km from Genoa-Voltri port, next to Genoa airport. They can be easily reached from the main motorway system, which means avoiding transit in the city traffic. An additional warehouse in Milan services both containers/conventional cargo by sea and airfreight, within Italy. The overall surface area covers approximately 6000 m². The depot handles all the handling facilities required by the shipping industry. Seatram offers a complete range of customs services and also a customs bonded depot facility.

Administration and operations are entirely supported by a reliable computer network able to offer clients detailed information about the position of their goods.