Our headquarters in Genoa

The head office, owned by the Company, is located in the heart of Genoa’s historical centre. It occupies the southeast wing of the Pantaleo Spinola Palazzo, located in Via Garibaldi and Via Luccoli, and is one of the 42 “Palazzi dei Rolli ” - a group of palaces included in the Unesco World Heritage since July 2006.

Palazzo Spinola is very important artistically and architecturally. It was erected by architect Bernardo Spazio for Pantaleo Spinola and then completed by Pietro Orsolino in 1558.

The facade comprises very simple lines, moved by the rhythm of windows, balconies and especially by the portal surmounted by two marble bas-reliefs. An elegant, red-carpeted staircase with frescoed vaulted ceilings leads you to the main floor where the high ceilings are richly decorated.

Contacts in Italy
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