The ancient maritime and mercantile traditions of Genoa, combined with a strategic geographic position directly in the middle of the Mediterranean, have made its port the hinge of the city's economic and social life.

The Seatram office is downtown, strategically located in order to maintain the necessary control over all shipping operations and its staff is formed of young, enthusiastic people with a teamwork attitude. Since the establishment of the company in 1986, it has grown rapidly and expanded its worldwide freight forwarding services. Seatram was created as a specialised forwarder of seafreight but, as the new millennium approached, expanded the range of services provided into airfreight. This expansion became a must, with the company planning to celebrate the year 2000 by opening an operational office completely dedicated to airfreight transactions, in Milan. The key to success for Seatram is directly attributable to its ability to provide the standard of service and cost levels expected within a highly competitive and specialised industry. The company handles a wide range of work, efficiently responding to all customer's specific requests.

Seatram staff is highly skilled in all aspects concerning overseas transport procedures. Their specialised experience worldwide has enabled them to build up an excellent door to door service in specific geographic locations abroad. Serviced by the Seatram offices based in Australia, South Africa, Central/South America, Canada, the Middle East and China, a complete transport system is offered at a very competitive level. The company, with the close cooperation of competent and reliable shipowners and aircarriers, is in a leading position to identify and undertake the best international arrangements to ship or airfreight cargo to all major overseas destinations. Seatram is not big, but it is big enough to guarantee its promises to the customer. It is not small, but it is small enough to take care of even the tiniest customers interests.